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Twacha Aesthetics

Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery, Skin, Hair, Laser and Holistic Wellness Program under one Roof.

Twacha is a unique healthcare setting designed to meet the various needs of each individual. The objective is to assist everyone in achieving their healthcare, skin, and physique goals. We use integrative methods to help people achieve total physical, emotional, and mental wellness. Our experts consider specific issues and preferences, such as the money or time available, while building a health programme.

Certified & Experienced Staff

From the doctors to associate nursing staff. Everyone Is Well Qualified To Cater In Skin, Hair & Wellness Needs.

Individual Program Of Each Client

One Size Doesn’t Fit all. Everyone has their own definition of beauty & aesthetics. At Twacha, we help you to be the best version of you.

A Holistic Approach

Nowadays the focus is mostly on treating external symptoms while at Twacha Skin we aim at complete physical, mental and emotional well-being.

About Doctor

Dr. Priyanka Masharkar- Twacha Skin

Dr. Priyanka Masharkar

At Twacha Skin, we like to think of ourselves as your skincare wellness mentor – we’ll see you through your first pimple right up to your first wrinkle and beyond. This is probably why we enjoy the distinction of being called Central India’s foremost skincare providers.

Carrying forward Dr. Masharkar’s vision of offering a medically sound experience to her clients each time, our team conducts treatments and procedures conforming to strict medical standards. A laser, or any other treatment for that matter, is just another treatment until and unless it is used prudently. The best results are achieved only when each client is correctly assessed and the selected treatment is adjusted to suit that client. Our team is adept at creating protocols and modifying existing ones to specifically suit Indian skin types. This requires a thorough knowledge of the physiology of the skin as well as of the devices we use in our treatments. It is our aim to provide personalised and professional client care to everyone who walks through our doors.

Our Team

Dr. Anubha Sahu- Twacha Skin

Dr. Anubha Sahu

Clinical Nutritionist MSc., Ph.D, NET (Food Sc. & Nutrition)

Almost had 10 yrs of experience in this field. Currently working as Consultant Nutritionist in Asian kidney hospital, Nagpur. She is also working with Symbiosis international college, Nagpur as guest faculty. She has also worked in various other hospital before planning and monitoring diet of patients with all kind of disease ailments like HTN, DM, thyroid, renal disease, GI disorders along with patients with surgery. Completed PhD(2017) in Food Science and Nutrition and published many papers in reputed Nutritional Journals. She is also a certified Diabetes Educator. Specialized in therapeutic nutrition, weight management with lifestyle management.


Dr. Amol Kumar Patel

MBBS, MS (MCH Plastic Surgeon)


Dr. Ankita Niswade

MDS (Endodontist Smile Designer)


Himanshu Shahu

Consultant Weight Management


Dr. Mona Rewtani

Consultant Cosmetologist

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