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One of the many essential bodily processes that are impacted by ageing is hair development. Everybody loses between 10 and 100 hair strands per day, but this is normal because every day, new hair grows in to make up for the lost hair. However, balding or hair thinning can happen when there is no new hair growth and there is excessive hair loss. Men and women have different balding patterns, with males historically having greater balding problems than females. Although losing hair is seen to be the first sign of physical deterioration, persons who experience it also experience psychological discomfort because of their altered looks. It affects how people look, which lowers their confidence.

One of the top hair loss treatment facilities in Twacha Aesthetic Clinic, where a staff of specialists who specialise in treating hair problems treat both men and women who are experiencing hair loss and hair fall.

Hair Fall Treatment - Twacha Aesthetic Hair Treatments Clinic

What causes hair fall or hair loss?

There are tons of reasons for hair fall and hair loss in old age as well as in young people, including:-

  • Hormonal changes brought on by body maturation, which naturally differ in males and females but undoubtedly induce hair loss in both, take place.
  • While hormonal changes affect the male body during puberty and adolescence, hormonal changes affect the female body more frequently and may intensify during pregnancy and menopause.
  • Some changes in metabolism occur due to hormonal level changes or because of stress that can cause hair fall.
  • Concentrated cytotoxic medications also induce metabolic issues and hair loss, which can occasionally get out of hand. Patients must shave off their hair, just like with chemotherapy for cancer, because hair loss slows down when medications are injected into the body.
  • Overuse of cosmetics is another factor in significant, premature hair loss. Hair styling tools and cosmetics have become commonplace in today’s lifestyle, especially among teenagers and the majority of adults. While this brings about a fresh sense of style, it also weakens hair, increases its propensity to break, and over time leads to hair loss or thinning.
  • Direct exposure to UV rays or sun rays can damage hair as well since they can hasten hair ageing and excessive, untimely hair loss.


Best Hair Fall Treatments offered at Twacha Clinic in Nagpur

Every day, as hair continues to come out, new hair must develop in order to maintain equilibrium. Twacha Aesthetic Clinic offers a variety of non-surgical treatment options to stimulate the growth of new hair and stop hair loss. The patient must see a dermatologist for effective care. The dermatologist carefully considers the patient’s condition, medical history, and the cause of hair loss before deciding on the best course of action. The most popular and successful procedures offered at Twacha Skin are:

1. Growth Factor treatment:-

The dormant hair follicles are reactivated during this treatment to increase hair growth. The growth elements are injected into the balding area during this quick operation to promote hair growth. The plasma and growth promoters from the granulated cells are separated from the patient’s blood samples using centrifugation. Protein for hair growth is combined with plasma and concentrated before being injected into the desired location. By giving all the nutrients required for hair growth, these hair growth proteins aid in the mending of damaged tissues and the promotion of hair growth. This is a common treatment since there is no risk of immunological rejection of the chemical that is injected into the patient’s body as a concentrated solution of growth promoters. Patients receive topical anesthetic prior to treatment even though it is a non-surgical technique of treatment. In other words, even for people with high pain thresholds, it is a comfortable process. Without any downtime, it is a rapid and efficient treatment for hair loss.

2. Growth Factor treatment with Microneedling:-

It is a cutting-edge procedure that produces encouraging outcomes. Anesthetic is initially applied, and then microneedling is done, which employs a small instrument with a tiny needle on one end to induce microscopic lesions at the target location. These minor wounds encourage the body to mend by increasing the production of collagen and growth factors by the cells.

Collagen and these growth factors encourage the development of new hair. The damaged hair follicles and other related tissues can be repaired with the use of collagen. The patient’s blood samples are processed to extract proteins that promote hair growth, which are then administered through injection into the affected area. The penetration has already been improved by microneedling, making it simpler for growth boosters to penetrate deeper tissues and trigger hair growth. Combining these two techniques speeds up and improves the healing process, and the hair quickly begins to regrow. This results in an increased blood flow to the hair follicle, which in turn increases the amount of nutrients and oxygen delivered to the hair root. The hair grows thicker and stronger and is less brittle.

This treatment produces a long-lasting result, which can be prolonged further if the precautions are rigorously observed and all sessions and maintenance sessions are regularly attended.

3. Mesotherapy:-

In the mesotherapy process, natural remedies are injected in the afflicted areas together with other nutrients to encourage hair growth. Coenzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other aiding substances are combined with various chemicals to create the drugs. More nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the hair root by improving the blood flow around the hair follicles.

The “Mesodermal Layer,” into which the drugs are injected, is where this particular treatment technique earned its name because it is from this layer of skin tissues that new hair growth is encouraged. As it just requires the injection of a few drugs, the operation is quite rapid, and getting ready for it may take around 30 minutes. To activate all of the latent follicles, multiple sessions may be necessary; this may not be possible with a single operation. The scalp begins to show signs of hair growth after 6–8 sessions, and appropriate measures are followed to maintain the development and stop hair loss.

My Team, the hair fall specialist at Twacha Aesthetic Clinic is well known for performing successful and result-oriented treatments. To ensure that each patient receives the best outcomes possible, the treatment is provided only after determining the underlying reason of hair loss. Prior to beginning the definitive course of therapy, she also makes a number of viable treatment recommendations based on the individual’s specific requirements so that the patient can make an educated choice.

General tips for managing hair loss:-

  • Eat a diet rich in vitamins.
  • Consume plenty of protein and green vegetables in your diet.
  • Massage the scalp with essential oils.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Avoid brushing wet hair.
  • Keep the body hydrated.
  • Regularly wash hair with dermatologically tested shampoos.
  • Avoid the use of hair styling products.
  • Always take the help of an expert.

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