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The science of mesotherapy involves injecting vitamins and nutrients into the tissue of the mesodermal layer beneath the skin. The technique used and the ingredients that are being provided are the two most crucial factors. We most frequently recommend using stem cells for individuals who are experiencing hair loss. Almost any type of cell in the body can be formed from stem cells. Additionally, they are self-generating, which enables them to make exact copies of themselves that can differentiate into different types of cells. The steps involved in employing stem cells to regrow hair are as follows: stem cells are engineered into hair follicle cells in a lab. The scalp is then injected with these fresh cells, which replace the damaged ones and promote hair growth.

Mesotherapy Treatment - Twacha Aesthetic Hair Clinic


Mesotherapy has less negative effects than hair transplants and topical hair loss treatments. Mesotherapy is more effective than topical treatments at stopping hair loss because it replaces the damaged hair follicle cells.

For even more striking outcomes Mesotherapy and Twacha Aesthetic Clinic Stem Cell Hair Treatment can be used together.


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