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Muscle Toning Treatment in Nagpur, Maharashtra

The majority of fitness enthusiasts desire a toned body. Losing fat while gaining definition and mass in their muscles is their aim. As a result, they look for methods to reduce their body fat and flaunt their outstanding, well-defined muscles. It is now simpler to accomplish these objectives thanks to EMSlim, a medical breakthrough and non-invasive method for muscle toning provided at Twacha Aesthetic Clinic Skin.

Muscle Toning Treatment - Twacha aesthetic nagpur maharashtra

What is EMSlim?

A device called EMSlim (Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation) uses HI-EMT (High Energy Focused Electromagnetic Wave), which is typically utilised in cosmetic treatment. It is a fat-burning and muscle-toning procedure for body reshaping or sculpting that has FDA approval. Regardless of gender, anyone over the age of 18 may utilise this. There are no particular treatment sites; instead, it can be applied to any portion of the body for a variety of objectives using a variety of programme options. It is mostly utilised on the thighs, glutes, arms, flanks, and buttocks. However, it is advised against using it near the heart.

It is a 30-minute treatment that is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups.
Sounds amazing, right?
It is actually that impressive as the patient satisfaction rate is very high.

The patient is recommended to have 6-8 sessions (per course only 4 sessions are required) and can be done 2-3 times a week. There is no usage limit. It can either be performed alone or in conjunction with physical therapy. To further understand the technicalities, one can consult the best body contouring experts at Twacha Aesthetic Clinic Skin.

The EMSlim technology works on five-movement modes:

  1. Muscle strength training mode.
  2. Hypertrophy mode for muscle strengthening.
  3. High-Intensity Interval Training Mode (HIIT) of aerobic fat reduction.
  4. A combination of HIIT and Hypertrophy mode.
  5. Strength training and hypertrophy mode of strengthening muscles.

Details of the Procedure

Stronger than voluntary muscular contractions, supramaximal muscle contractions are produced by EMSlim (about 20,000 times with high frequency and intensity). This is due to the focused, high-energy electromagnetic waves (7 Tesla high-intensity magnetic energy) that can cover all large human skeletal muscles and can reach the subcutaneous fat layer without damaging the epidermis. The extreme muscle contractions force the muscle tissues to adjust to the situation, train for an intense muscle workout, and enhance the muscle volume and density. The body reacts to these contractions by profoundly changing its internal structure, which promotes the growth of muscles and body sculpting. This comprises the expansion of the muscle fibres, muscular hyperplasia (the synthesis of new muscle fibres), and the creation of new protein chains.

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What happens after the use of EMSlim on the body?

An individual’s appearance significantly improves shortly after treatment. The use of EMSlim produces immediate, observable results, but improvement doesn’t occur for 2-4 weeks after the last session. Recent clinical trials have shown that patients can get an average reduction in waist size of 4.37 cm following 3 months of treatment. After 4 weeks and 2 months, the muscle mass can rise by 16% and 21%, respectively. Additionally, it is possible to lose 23% and 19% of subcutaneous fat, respectively, at 3 months and 4 weeks. Average patient abdominal muscle thickness can grow by 15–16% after 1–2 months of HI-EMT treatment.

What are the benefits of using EMSlim?

  • It has dual handles (two magnetic stimulation applicators) whose treatment parameters can be independently adjusted and can work together to treat two persons at a time.
  • The deep muscles get activated with pre-set parameters for various body types and the stubborn oils in the body are removed easily.
  • It can help fight belly fat, deliver six-pack abs, tone the thighs, lift the buttocks, firm the upper arms, and sculpt the flanks. It is used to shape the vest line and mermaid line, create the peach hips, and also exercise the hip and abdominal muscles.
  • The patients can lie down in a relaxed position to burn body fat, build their muscles, and reshape their beauty lines without the use of any current or radiation and hyperthermia conditions.
  • The treatment does not involve any surgery and the use of anesthesia. It does not cause pain and has no side effects.
  • It is suitable for most people except the nursing mothers, pregnant women, people having pacemakers or any other electronic and metallic implants, and those who had brain surgery or damage. It has a high patient satisfaction rate that can be up to 98%.
  • It is a comfortable and safe treatment without downtime or recovery time and no pre/post-treatment preparation.
  • The device has a double-layer coil that allows the production of stronger and deeper, intensified electromagnetic waves and liquid-cooled applicators that prevent its overheating and allow a long operation period.
  • For athletes who have any injury, EMSlim can help speed up its recovery process by re-building muscle tissues.

To avail of this amazing muscle toning treatment, please feel free to visit Twacha Aesthetic Clinic Skin.


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