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PRP Hair-Regrowth (Roller) Treatment in Nagpur

PRF stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin – it is the next generation of PRP.

For a long time, PRP has been the gold standard for plasma therapy used to cure hair growth. However, continued research and clinical trials have led to the development of a new and significantly improved treatment, the next-generation plasma therapy known as PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin.

Our blood contains fibrin, a protein that prevents clotting and provides strength and structure.

PRF can also be obtained by doing a simple blood test on your own blood. But compared to PRP, the outcomes and treatment experience are significantly better.

  • No Anti-coagulants: In PRP tubes, an anti-coagulant is typically used to help stop the retrieved plasma from thickening and clotting. Anticoagulants disrupt the fibrin matrix and stop the protein from functioning as it ought to. Since PRF doesn’t contain any additional anti-coagulants, the fibrin matrix is left unharmed and can immediately begin to function to restore cellular rejuvenation.
  • Virtually Painless : Simply injecting platelets into the scalp is significantly less uncomfortable than doing so while also injecting anticoagulants. The majority of the discomfort and stinging at the injection site is really brought on by anticoagulants. By removing anti-coagulants from PRF, the entire treatment becomes almost painless.
  • Platelet Count: PRF extraction can generate a platelet count at the injection site that is almost ten times greater than what the body naturally produces. This is far more than what a PRP procedure can retrieve.
  • Long-term benefits from increased growth factors: Growth factors are our body’s natural “healing element,” helping all cells, including hair cells, to grow and mend. They do a lot of things inside the scalp, including promoting stem cell rejuvenation, re-oxygenating and repairing damaged cells, increasing cell turnover, stimulating blood circulation, and more. In contrast to PRF, which releases these growth factors over a period of 7 to 10 days, PRP releases these growth factors instantly but over a short period of time (the same day). Introducing a healing cascade over the following several months (over days and weeks), this slower release of growth factors ensures that both the number and quality of growth factors are significantly higher, which contributes to the longer-term effects of the treatment.

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