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Dark Circles Treatment in Nagpur

Do you have tired eyes? Remove the dark circles under your eyes to revive them!

Dark circles can give someone a worn and elderly appearance. Under-eye dark circles can range in appearance from purple or blue to dark brown or black, depending on the original skin hue. Elderly people, those with dark skin tones (non-white ethnic groups are more prone to hyperpigmentation), and those with a hereditary predisposition to this skin ailment are the most usually affected (i.e. periorbital hyperpigmentation). They are merely viewed as a cosmetic issue rather than a medical issue. At Twacha Aesthetic Clinic one can benefit from a dark circle removal procedure.

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What causes dark circles?

The following factors are frequently to blame for the dark skin under the eyes:

  • Poor sleeping habits or little to no sleep schedules make people feel extremely tired and cause fluid to accumulate under their eyes, giving them a puffy appearance.
  • Blood vessels that are constricted.
  • The hollow beneath the eyes (tear troughs), which can have a shadow look and lead to dark circles, can be caused by the natural ageing process, which includes thinning skin around the eyes and loss of fatty tissues underneath the eyes.
  • Bad lifestyle choices, such as smoking.
  • Allergies, particularly hay fever, can cause painful symptoms like dry eyes, redness, itching, and puffy eyes. Histamines, which are chemicals made in response to an allergen, can cause inadequate blood flow beneath the eyes, dilated veins, and darker-looking skin above the eyes.
  • Family background.
  • Dermatitis.
  • Dehydration: The skin around the eyes appears drab and sunken when the body is not getting enough water.
  • Eye strain from looking at screens on smartphones, laptops, televisions, and computers can make the skin around the eyes darker because it can increase the blood vessels there.
  • Excessive or persistent eye rubbing.
  • Anemia due to a lack of iron.
  • A propensity for illnesses like thyroid disease.
  • Excessive exposure to sunlight that increases the formation of melanin.
  • Excessive melanin production-related hyperpigmentation.
  • Bimatoprost eye drops are a therapy option for glaucoma patients.
  • Coffee and alcohol.
  • Stress.
  • Trauma.
  • Pollution.


Best Treatments for Dark Circles, offered at Twacha Aesthetic Clinic in Nagpur

With the best selection of renewing treatments available at Twacha Aesthetic Clinic, one can now lessen the look of dark circles beneath the eyes.

Several cosmetic procedures and topical lotions can effectively decrease dark circles. The variables that generate dark circles must be taken into account when treating them. The most popular alternatives to surgery include:

  • Skincare Products – Using skin-lightening lotions containing chemicals like hydroquinone and tretinoin, or a combination of the two, for at least three months can help lighten hyperpigmented skin. Others include the use of longer-lasting substances such azelaic acid, vitamin C, and kojic acid (greater than 6 months). The vitamins promote the growth of collagen. To avoid difficulties, they must only be carried out under supervision and following consultation with a dermatologist.
  • Skin fillers – Injectable soft tissue fillers like hyaluronic acid (commonly sold as Juvederm and Restylane) can fill the tear trough depression (crescent-shaped under eye areas) by enhancing rhytids (wrinkles), plumping up the under-eye area’s skin, reducing bulging under-eye fat, and lifting the sunken skin so that the underlying blood vessels are no longer visible. This is the preferred course of action for patients who have dark circles under their eyes due to skin thinning or a decrease in fat under the eyes. They can therefore hide the obvious blood vessels and extra melanin deposits under the eyes. However, they only last between 8 and 18 months before losing their impact. By employing a product containing the hyaluronidase enzyme, which breaks down the hyaluronic acid product, the disappointing outcomes can also be reversed. Visit Twacha Aesthetic Clinic to learn more about dermal fillers as a therapy for under-eye dark circles.
  • Growth Factor Treatment – It is an autologous procedure in which the patient’s arm blood is collected, processed with the use of a centrifuge machine to separate the platelet-enriched plasma, and then small doses of the regenerative serum are injected into the periorbital region using a micro pen or intradermal injection. The growth factors and necessary proteins in the pla-te-lets promote skin regeneration and healing. These acts increase the formation of collagen and elastin, which ultimately enhances skin quality. This procedure lessens under-eye circles, restores plumpness under the eyes, eliminates puffiness brought on by excess fluid retention and toxin buildup, and encourages neovascularization, which will allow oxygen and nutrients from the blood to reach the darkened skin in order to treat pigmentation issues. There is no downtime and the treatment is painless. To achieve noticeable and long-lasting benefits, more sessions (about 3 to 4) must be completed at intervals of 3 to 4 weeks. The effects develop gradually, beginning with the body’s reabsorption of the regenerative proteins within the first 2-3 days, followed for the next 3–4 months by tissue regeneration.
  • Laser Procedures – Treatment of dark circles with a laser is secure and efficient. By concentrating laser light beams and the heat they produce on the targeted location, it can lessen hyperpigmentation and activate the skin tissues. The following two laser gadgets can be used:
    – Ablative (to remove the outer layer of hyperpigmented skin and to stimulate the underlying skin’s blood vessels for better blood flow) – Non-ablative (to tighten the skin by promoting collagen and elastin production).
  • Microneedling – This anti-aging procedure targets the underlying cause of dark circles, which is the ageing process’ diminished ability to produce collagen and deeper fat layers. In this technique, tiny holes are made in the skin by rolling a handheld microneedling tool (dermaroller) back and forth over the skin. This causes the skin cells to enter a state of healing, allowing blood to flow to the area and increasing collagen production. The procedure can be combined with chemical peels to boost their activity and capacity to penetrate the skin. After treatment, the patient can notice a recovery of the young glow in previously lacking areas around the eyes. After numbing the treatment site, it is a painless, minimally invasive, safe, and efficient process.
  • Chemical Peeling – To remove extra melanin deposits under the eyes, this includes using alpha-hydroxy acids like glycolic acid, mandelic acid, and lactic acid (the superficial peels). Because the skin on the lower eyelid is so thin, light peels are suggested there. For improved effects, they can be used in conjunction with topical treatments. This procedure removes the layers of dead skin that build up under the eyes, revealing younger-looking skin underneath.

Many people find having dark circles beneath their eyes to be embarrassing. The primary source of the issue will determine the best course of treatment for dark circles beneath the eyes. As underlying medical diseases might also result in dark circles, it is crucial to see a doctor.

Based on the condition of the skin around the eyes, the diagnosis of the issue, and the seriousness of the concern, the dermatologist at Twacha Aesthetic Clinic recommends the best treatment choice or options.



Tips for preventing dark circles in general

  • Sleep for a sufficient length of time.
  • Adopt a balanced diet.
  • Three times per day, slather a broad-spectrum sunscreen all over the face and under the eyes.
  • Try to relax.
  • Don’t eat processed foods.
  • Remain hydrated.
  • Practice yoga and contemplation.
  • Maintain the health of your skin.
  • Using frozen tea bags.
  • Consume a diet high in antioxidants.
  • To lessen swelling and constrict dilated blood vessels, apply a cold compress.

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